Plazmatick's new album 'Rusty Times' out soon

The album 'Rusty Times' was originally made in 2013 and has never been released before. The official release date is September 11, 2020. The album will be released as a limited vinyl edition of 100 physical copies as well as in digital formats. The main photo that served as the inspiration for the album cover itself is the work of the recently deceased icon of Japanese photography Seiji Kurata. The mastering was handled by an American sound engineer Thaddeus Moore.

Plazmatick's new album 'Rusty Times'

The album 'Rusty Times' was originally made in 2013 in a very turbulent period of Plazmatick's private life and had never been published before. The material itself is in keeping with the name itself, it's darker. At this stage, Plazmatick began to move away from the "real" instruments he once used excessively (saxophones, trumpets, African percussion, organic sound, samples of real instruments).

Online concert #2 by Radio 808 and Pozitivan ritam

Pozitivan ritam i Radio 808 još jednom udružuju snage i donose Online koncert #2. Tim PDV-a će ponovno biti na mjestu događaja sa štandom gdje će provesti virtualnu prezentaciju izdavačke kuće, izdanja zastupljenih izvođača uz poziv publici i zainteresiranima za potporu.  Ovaj glazbeni projekt se održava u subotu, 20.

Meet Plazmatick

Marko Mihalinec aka Plazmatick is a music producer, graphic designer, and writer born in 1979. The beginnings of his active creative work date back to the nineties. Even then, he ran Nuclear Age Nomadz - a progressive youth organization focused on new media and web activism. Plazmatick's musical journey began in 1996 when he installed the first software on an old PC (486) and started composing sounds.

House duo PEZNT with Paid in Full in double vinyl edition

Central to the Croatian House scene, PEZNT is making big moves with their fantastic debut album, "Paid In Full". Featuring a range of key collaborators who all deliver pure gold, this panoramic album takes a journey through hip hop, soul, funk, r&b and all flavors of house music across 10 stunning new tracks and six remixes. 

New vinyl (re)releases in Croatia and the region

Dear friends, this time we'd like you to check out new and fresh vinyl (re)releases we have in stock. Artists who have their efforts released by some of the finest independent labels in this part of Europe found their place in our catalog and distribution network. Variety of (sub)genres such as art rock, punk, pop, new wave, indie funk, thai rock, stoner rock, world music, electro, synth pop, alternative, experimental, avangard, grindcore, sludge, dub and various others will for sure raise an interest for your musical taste and your collection.

New Glitterbeat Records releases at PDV

Renowned and awarded world music label Glitterbeat has a strong and lasting line of quality releases each year by artists from around the world. This time we'd like t0 present some of the recent ones which are to be found in our distribution.