Stonebride starts pre-orders for their new album "Smiles Revolutionary" with the single "Turn Back" and announces a concert promotion on May 30th at Močvara!

Damir Batarelo on the new studio album by Stonebride, "Smiles Revolutionary", says: "Growing up is a strange process in which we learn to respect differences by building our paradigms within which we continue to resonate and with which we gradually merge to prosper. However, the situation changes significantly when part of that cycle is marked by working in a band.

Amnasti, a joint project of Ana Ćurčin and Marko Nastić, announces pre-orders for their first studio album with the single "It Took Me So Long"!

Some collaborations are simply inevitable and must happen, even though they may seem completely impossible at first. Ana Ćurčin has been creating and releasing music for over a decade, while Marko Nastić, a legendary DJ and producer, has been a presence in the scene for over two decades. And now, here they are at a completely new beginning, on the joint project Amnasti.