PDV co-releases a new album by Inner Terrestrials

Inner Terrestrials (also known as IT!) Is a punk band from south London, already cult today, with over 25 years on the scene. Their socially conscious and engaged punk carries strong influences of ska, reggae, dub and folk music. They influenced local bands like Radikal Dub Kolektiv, and were an integral part of the soundtrack of club nights like ‘Punk-Reggae Fiesta’.

Sirup's solemn farewell with a triple vinyl compilation

Club Sirup started operating on January 1, 2009, at the address Donje Svetice 40 in Zagreb.

The owners and initiators of the Sirup club are the sweet couple Sergej (aka Sergej Snooze), and Olga (aka Olja), artistic director, with the wholehearted help of Pytzek and Felver as a booker, expert advice from Petar Dundov, and leaders Krešo, Dija, Vinka and Frane

l’after life by coco mosquito (PDV045, February 2021)

l'after life by coco mosquito is the first independent instrumental album or project by Gordan Muratović. Our prominent author, composer, arranger, guitarist, and producer. At its core, l’after life can musically be classified under the crossover genre between saxophone jazz quartet and synth-wave. The official release of the material is expected in February 2021 and will be available in LP/CD/digital formats.

New Glitterbeat Records titles in PDV distribution

A renowned world music label Glitterbeat Records label delivers quality releases by artists from all over the world every year. This time we present the recent works of the performers that are in our distribution. As a widely recognized, praised, and multi-award-winning label alongside the leader, and founder of the label Chris Eckman continues to discover and spread the message of the universal musical language of the most interesting and sometimes untouchable corners of the world.

Plazmatick's new album 'Cuddly, Cuddly' is out

Electronics for your home. This is the first and simplest recommendation with the album "Cuddly, Cuddly" which was revived by the reawakened Plazmatick only a few weeks after the release of the comeback longplay "Rusty Times". In his latest release, there is more than enough party material brought to the fore with the introductory "Sand", the technoid crane "Neonpunk" and the announcing single "Picnic", but this is only the first quarter of the album boldly spread over 80 minutes. Below, the ambient background, tailor-made for a well-sounded living room, is slowly revealed.