Banana Zvuk – "Legaliziraj Remixes" EP pre-orders begin

The EP "Legaliziraj Remixes" of Banana Zvuk is available for pre-orders on the official website of the PDV Records. The release will, in the tradition of reggae and sound system culture, appear as a set of 7” vinyl singles in 2 different variants:

PDV Records pop-up shop at the 20th edition of the Seasplash Festival

This year we are looking forward to the 20th edition of the Seasplash Festival, one of the longest-running independent festivals in the region, as well as the big jubilee that we will celebrate together in the best possible way. With dancing, family atmosphere and positive vibes in the beautiful location of Martinska near Šibenik (CRO).

With a new version of the song "Luda" Ida Prester announces the release of the EP "Luda Remixes"

Everyone will agree that Ida Prester is a unique phenomenon on the music scene, not only domestic but much wider. From her very beginnings in Lollobrigida, with her incredible optimism and positive energy, she has been shaking the music scene, radio stations and festival stages with romantic dance hits for 18 years. Ignoring the criticism of the other people, unencumbered and always true to herself, becoming solo performer a few years ago, also started her transformation from a rebellious punk to a calmer pop indietronica style, while retaining its specific originality and consistency in performances and lyrics.

Eight years of PDV Records

The independent label PDV Records started working on the symbolic date of November 1, 2013, ie the Day of the Dead, which essentially contains a kind of attitude, among other things, that in moments of dying discography, only true enthusiasts can deal with it without compromise. Especially when it comes to the independent sphere of publishing.

‘Životinjska karma’ third album by Kali Fat Dub released on vinyl and CD

'Životinjska karma', the third album of the post-apocalyptic dub duo Kali Fat Dub, is living in its physical form as of today! Published as a vinyl and CD edition and is available through the PDV Records webshop and soon in a wider distribution network. The release of the vinyl release and CD is accompanied by the song ManeWar, also the third single from the album.

Kali Fat Dub's new album 'Životinjska karma' is out

Kali Fat Dub's third album titled 'Životinjska karma' has been released today and is living its full digital lungs! They presented it live very successfully to the visitors of the just started 19th edition of the Seasplash Festival last night. The album has been released in digital form while vinyl and CD versions are expected soon.

Kali Fat Dub live @ 19th Seasplash Festival / Foto: Ivan Buvinić