After 14 years legendary street punks Alergija from Zadar announces a new album with the new single and video "Krv i znoj"!

After 14 years Alergija returns with the just-released single "Krv i znoj", the first of four singles, which will be released before the summer, and new album that is being recorded and will be released by the end of the year, for PDV Records.

Formed in 1994., Alergija comes from Zadar and brings its famous sound of street punk rock that has been going on for almost 30 years. With their first self-titled album "Alergija", they set their place on the Croatian punk map. With that wind at the back, in 1997., the legendary oi/street punk album "Četvrti stalež" was released, with which the band got a permanent place in the first league of the punk scene in Croatia! Breaks and life situations prevented the band from releasing more albums, but they still managed to release another in 2009. called "Globalno zatoopljenje", from which we got several of their eternal anthems.

This Dalmatian street punk band is known for its singing choruses and social involvement, with fierce punk rock foundations, always guarantees good fun and group singing with important messages! The members of the band are Stipe Bujas (vocals), Pero Kožul (guitar and vocals), Stipe Krpina (bass guitar and vocals), and Zvonko Kosović (drums and vocals).

The author of the music and lyrics of the song "Krv i znoj" is Stipe Krpina, arranged by Alergija, and the producer is Leo Anđelković. Stipe Bujas and Venko Burčul are responsible for recording and mixing the video -->

Information about the upcoming singles and the studio album itself are coming soon!