The first EP by Doom Temple, 'Moonrock Chronicles', is out today!

The hard rock quartet, partially driven into this project by frustration with the musical environment they previously inhabited, came together after just a few beats of their first rehearsal. The music that emerged from the winter session gathering in 2023 was filled with the foundations of sludge metal, heavily reinforced with Black Sabbath elements dipped into the rhythmic backgrounds of early Soundgarden. The musical creativity of the members, influenced by bands like Sleep and Zagreb's Rifftree, directed Doom Temple's expression, focusing on quality and level of work from the very beginning, following the paths of bands they highlighted as their own influences.

The newly released EP 'Moonrock Chronicles' (PDV079) contains 3 songs recorded in 2023 at AS Booksa studio. The mixing and mastering were done by Alen Novosel, the producer of the EP is Karlo Lugarić, and it is available on all streaming platforms at this link -->

In just over 30 minutes, we are treated to a powerful, explosive combination of grunge, stoner, and heavy metal, with which Doom Temple draws the listener into their dark and mystical world and holds them until the very last notes.