Inner Terrestrials' New Live Album "The Plague Tapes" Has Arrived

As we announced, it's the end of the year and we got a sweet surprise, a new album by widely loved punk dubbers, or dub punks from South London - Inner Terrestrials - live on CD, called "The Plague Tapes".

The album was recorded live at Overdrive Studios Deptford in London in an excellent live production. On it, the band proves itself in perfect playing form, with the current line-up, in which the founding duo of guitarists (J and Fran) clicked with the new drummer Ben.

The album contains a selection of 16 songs, from the albums that followed the second album "Escape From New Cross", also recorded live, and released in 1997. Therefore, the new live album brings the best songs from the albums "X" (2003), "Tales of Terror" (2012), and "Heart Of The Free" (2021), as well as from the EP "Enter The Dragon" (1999).

The album is released under catalog number PDV062, in cooperation with other record labels; Maloka, Mass Productions, General Strike (France), Fire & Flames Music (Germany), and Warrior Charge Records (Italy).

Album "The Plague Tapes", on CD, is available in the PDV catalog, in its record store (@ Pločnik, Međimurska 21, Zagreb), and on the website, as well as in the partner record stores. All available albums of the Inner Terrestrials, including this new live album "The Plague Tapes", can be found at the link —>