With the release of his new single "Trigger's Broom" Ivan Komlinović has announced his debut album "Hit The Gate"!

Ivan Komlinović's nearly 30-year career is a testament to his journey as a DJ, audio engineer, mastering engineer, and producer from Zagreb. His diverse yet fundamentally techno-oriented musical palette defines his signature sound, whether in DJ sets, live performances, or original productions. With over 15 vinyl releases, numerous solo digital releases, compilations, and remixes, it's evident that the studio is his natural habitat. His path has led him to regional acclaim, reflecting the evolution and impact of his musical pursuits over the years.

Ivan is a prominent techno DJ of the Croatian and regional scene whose musical style transcends conventional genre boundaries. While most of his sets lean towards techno (including Detroit techno, deep techno, and acid), he often surprises audiences with new minimalist techno/house melodies, believing that chronological and stylistic boundaries are outdated. Rejecting the approach of "hours of the same sound," Ivan emphasizes his ability for vibrant improvisation during performances.

The idea of bringing selected instruments from the studio had been simmering for a while, but only as a concept until his live performance at the Moondance Festival in 2015.

Currently, he is occupied with his DIY projects, studio work, music composition, and a small, intimate monthly residency called "Lost and Found" at Depo club in Zagreb.

Ivan Komlinović's debut album "Hit The Gate" has been completed and will be released digitally and on vinyl under the label PDV Records (PDV074). "My debut album 'Hit The Gate' wasn't initially envisioned as an album format. It's more of a musical collage of techno genre pieces composed of songs of various colors and shapes, whose natural environment is a dark club with a powerful soundsystem. It's a sort of love letter to musical aesthetics and the idea that is the foundation of what drives me today as an artist and performer," says Ivan Komlinović.

The album is preceded by the single "Trigger's Broom" released today, May 3, 2024, in the form of an EP (single + 4 remixes). Ivan has gathered significant names from the local scene for the remixes: Luka Tralić Shot, an author, performer, and music producer who is one of the initiators and key participants of the local hip-hop scene, rarely remixing other people's songs; Sessiondigger, a skilled music selector, a big techno enthusiast, electronic connoisseur, and a highly sought-after name; and Jan Kinčl, currently one of our most active and prolific DJs and producers whose two decades of activity have not only enriched but also advanced the local techno and house scene.

"Trigger's Broom" EP is available on Bandcamp (https://pdvrecords.bandcamp.com/album/triggers-broom),YouTubeu (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOa6lVpJsN-6mo9IIaJgFQ6TDfvSk6vNL), and all stream services (https://album.link/pdv074)

Ivan Komlinović is one of the leading artists in Croatia within his genre. His DJ sets offer listeners a unique journey through various techno styles, enriched by strong musical diversity and uncompromising live improvisation. His technical skill adds additional dynamism to Ivan's musical approach, highlighting him as an essential artist in both the domestic and international scenes.