Stonebride - live stream @ PDV record store

PDV record store (Pločnik)
Međimurska 21, Zagreb
Tuesday, 12.11.2019. 


Live stream, talk with the band and presenting the vinyl release of the mini-album 'Animals on Display'!

As an introduction to the band's Zagreb concert presentation and their most recent work, more precisely, the mini-album 'Animals on Display', we are hanging out with the guys in a live environment  @ PDV record store on the floor above the conceptual space Pločnik. In a more relaxed atmosphere, we'll spin some records, discussing various topics, band history, plans, music scene, films, sound, and the inevitable influence of fine foods, and multiple types of liquid substances (if not others) on the development, influences and awareness of individuals who make up the Stonebride.

Our associate, friend and punk warrior of the DIY / underground scene Damir Batarelo will make sure that the gathering takes place in a revival tone.

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