Stonebride's new album "Smiles Revolutionary" has just been released!

The band is hitting high again. They use their past as motivation for the future, layering slowness with atmosphere, as if the members playfully toyed with each other, completely exposing their ambitions and hopes.


Stonebride was formed way back in 2005, intoxicated by the sounds of the emerging stoner doom scene with the mission of playing as many concerts and tours as possible. They rode hard on the roads all over Europe and opened or shared stages with many giants of the genre, but the fierce slowdowns from the beginning were slowly upgraded with new influences, dark psychedelia became their best friend, but also the sounds of growing up alternative rock in the 90's were also found their place among their songs. On the last mini-album "Animals on Display", released in 2018, they were even more melodic than usual and then took a break. Concerts are rare in Zagreb, tours were also left aside because the new songs were in the stage of creation, recording, and production for almost three years.

"Someday you will see
A different kind of me
Someday you will see
What it's like to be free

Stonebride's new album "Smiles Revolutionary" was released today, May 10th. It's available digitally on Bandcamp (, YouTube (, and all major music streaming services (, as well as vinyl that can be ordered from the PDV web shop (

The album was recorded between June 2021 and July 2023. The sound engineering was done by Hrvoje Nikšić (Kramasonik), vocals by Vedran Rao Brlečić (The Mouse Trap Space & Bobby's Lair), mixing by Vedran Rao Brlečić and Siniša Krnetić (Bobby's Lair), mastering by Jelenko Hodak (Green Hill Studio), music and arrangements by Stonebride, and artwork and cover design by Moon Studio.

The album launch event is scheduled for May 30th at the Močvara, where we'll hear the new material performed live, and special guests Luxus Lord and Prisonplanet will also be performing. Tickets priced at 10 euros can be purchased at the following link:

In addition to our website and streaming platforms, you can find the vinyl record at the PDV record store, located on the 1st floor of Pločnik at Međimurska 21 in Zagreb, as well as in all stores within the PDV distribution network.