With today's premiere of the new single and video "Antifragilna", Pi announces the new studio album "E.I."

Pi () is a highly praised music project of the mystical artist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter Ivana Picek,  who, under that name, released an independently recorded and produced album "(časna lubanjska)" in 2017., which was listed that year on annual lists of the best albums in local and foreign media. Avant-garde and unique from the very beginning, she started her musical career more than 10 years ago, acoustically under her own name, and released two freak folk albums that delighted the followers of the local singer-songwriter scene.

Today, a new video for the song "Antifragilna" was premiered, in which Pi Lubanjice announces the release of the new album "E.I. (Evgenia Institute)", published by PDV Records (PDV061). Back in 2020., by releasing the single and video clip for the song "Mali android", Pi began to give the first clues of recording a new album, and now, releasing the new video for the song "Antifragilna" confirms it!

The video "Antifragilna" is available at the link --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j317G2JfTJY

As in all her previous work, Pi is responsible for recording, editing, and producing all the songs independently (as she says, everything was created on her laptop), with the only help with the final mix from her longtime friend and collaborator Arian Vuica. Filip Motovunski takes credit for the master.

She says: "Antifragile is the personification of what makes us vulnerable and thus makes us stronger and more resilient. Without exposure and being the subject of a certain type of trauma, we are overprotected and thus too vulnerable. In order to become antifragile, we must first be fragile. With this album, I tell the story of Evgenia (a scientist who, in order to revive lovem, which is frozen in cryonics, takes all possible steps to have her in her life again, while playing with all known scientific achievements and discovering new ones along the way)."

The video was made by Marta Stražičić (pirate sheep), who has already made several videos for Pi (Mali android, Mračna šuma), which were regularly awarded and shown at festivals such as the Berlin Music Video Awards and Animafest. The video was entirely made in the Unreal Engine 5 program and uses a 3D scanned head of the musician Pi (Ivana Picek). Tea Stražičić created the 3D alien, and Ana Stražičić hand-drawn the characters we see in the video, animated by Sandro Toth.

Through systematic research, musical development, and personal curiosity, not following established musical norms, she transformed herself into an occult analog-electronic fairy, while in the meantime she participated in numerous successful projects and collaborations. Nature, a return to the primordial, love, spiritualism, and symbolism are the archetypes to which she regularly returns, each time more mature and original, traveling from the happy and sunny parts of the soul to the dark psychedelic corners of the mind.

Besides music, she invests a lot of effort in unusual futuristic video clips, which achieve complete creative meaning when accompanied by her songs, occupies all the senses, and provides the viewer with an unforgettable experience. The main theme of the new album is set in the not-so-distant dystopian future and follows the creation of the scientist Evgenija - the creation of a new man.