ADOLF AHANOTU - Sensation - LP

11,95 €


* Breathtaking mix of afro-funk, reggae, calypso
* For fans of Kiki Gyan, Mixed Grill, Akwassa, Skatelites, Geraldo Pino, Osibisa, Fela Kuti
* Filled to the last groove with catchy tunes that feature awesome harmonies
* Handmade with the help of synthesizers
* An original affair for fans of groovy Nigerian afrobeat
* Excellent sound and performance by high-class professional musicians
* First ever rerelease on vinyl and CD  
* Fully licensed
* Remastered audio
* LP housed in a superheavy 430g art carton cover
* Ultimate collector's item for fans of classic afrobeat.

At a time when bandleaders in Nigeria used titles as an affectation, Dr. Adolf Ahanotu was the real deal. He had a PhD in music compilation and a Master's degree in education and communication. He also played a mean tenor sax, an instrument he mastered touring Owerri with the Mirabels. Ahanotu's scholarly background is apparent in the impeccable arrangements and the way each track is labeled with its musical type. The banging opening track, 'Sensation' is disco, notes the helpful doctor. The legendary 'Ijere' is to be considered Remire or Afro Jazz. 'Litany of Freedom' is reggae, 'Cupid' is rock, and 'Tropical Moonlight' is classified as the blues. The mandatory ode to the nation, 'Happy Nigeria', is labeled as calypso. But these are not dry, scholarly pieces. 'Sensation' reeks of dance floor freakiness not the hallowed halls of academia. And listen to the pitch bend craziness on 'Injere'. Sure, Dr. Ahanotu had studied the rules. But he wasn't afraid to break them. From the freaked-out opening seconds of the title track, you are left in no doubt: The doctor is in the house. Mastered and produced by Goddy Oku. - Peter Moore