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“The music of Africa is big sound: it's the sound of a community” Fela Kuti There are a few things you can't ignore if you follow music seriously. One is jazz and the other is the influence of Africa on the entire cosmos of popular culture. Fela Kuti once said: "99.9% of the information you get about Africa is wrong" and I can not deny the fact that I have no concrete ideas about the people who live on this continent. I see pictures on TV, which I can not classify. These images are almost always embossed by war, illness, hunger, and death. These pictures are mostly designed in a way that our "western" perception rises above these people. And then I hear the sound of Africa and it is so rich and cheerful that it truly collides with these images and makes them seem absurd. These pictures were also not enough for the members of the Danish band Junglelyd and so they decided to go on tour with the Ghanaian musician Atongo Zumba in Ghana 2016. The chemistry that developed after a month on the road between the group was so strong that it created a new project and collaboration. This collaboration was called African Connection and to expand it, they decided to extend the stay and make music together. Royal Drum Master Okyerema Asante provided the newly formed band with spaces and recording rooms to rehearse, learn from one another, and record together.