AMOS - The Imperator of Pop - DLP

165,00 kn


AMOS is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and entertainer. The name says it all on his debut album "Imperator Of Pop". 12 songs at the highest level, a disco cocktail of contemporary sounds and the essences of 80s pop, which comes along with a sovereignty, as if AMOS had always existed. At the same time, the whole thing looks so wonderfully varied and refreshingly real that you know that you are far from any popular uniformity. AMOS moves skillfully in its precise arrangements between scorching guitar riffs, syrupy choirs and crisp brass sections, completely dispensing with sheer showmanship and almost inevitably reminds of the work of Quincy Jones for the early Michael Jackson. The packaging is also unrivaled. AMOS - Imperator Of Pop is via Sounds Of Subterrania! Available as CD and double LP, each with an incredibly elaborate and lovingly designed 4-fold cover. A unique record.