BIBI AHMED - Adghah - LP

19,91 €

Bibi Ahmed, head and band leader of Group Inerane, comes from Agadez (Niger), one of the most unruly, inconsistent and dangerous areas on earth. Bibi was confronted early on with the oppression and marginalization of the Tuareg by the national governments of Mali and Niger. His love for music awoke just as early. As a child, Bibi Ahmed taught himself to play the guitar before receiving his training from the great master and father of Tuareg blues, Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou. Shaped by the experiences in the Libyan refugee camps during the Tuareg uprising, while many other artists left the country for America and Europe, Bibi Ahmed with his band Group Inerane gave the rebellion its own musical voice and at the same time opened the rich tradition of the Tamachek -Guitar chants to a new generation of listeners. In cooperation with Sounds of Subterrania and the Lotte Lindenberg Studio, his first solo album was created in February 2019, in which he recorded all the instruments himself. This reduction opens up a completely new view of this very special mix of Tuareg blues, electrified Tamachek folk and psychedelic Sahara rock. You can literally feel the shimmering heat and if you embark on the path of hearing, the differences between spiritual trance and hypnotic psychedelic blues become blurred.