HAIKU GARDEN – Loose Contacts / Tense Present - LP

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On this 43 min long sonic joyride, Haiku Garden sound more confident than ever before with a clear, direct sound that punches you in the face and yet manages to stay articulate and refined.

Loose Contacts / Tense Present is an album that is wide awake and more present in the now. It shows the band in a new light, where the album serves as a medium showcasing the duality of modern day reality. With lyrical themes of ever changing relationships and division, it seeks for answers while remaining hopeful and positive.

Nine songs, which boldly explore diverse noise & pop subgenres of shoegaze, post-punk, kraturock and even acoustic psychedelia paint a sonically rich picture of a modern world filled with contrast in which the band invites the listener to follow them on their path of (re)discovery.

Haiku Garden are:

Anže Knez – drums
Matevž Bitenc – bass guitar
Klemen Tehovnik – electric guitar, vocals, synths, bass guitar (on track 6), drums (on track 8)
Luka Flegar – electric guitar, vocals, acoustic guitars, 12-string guitars, organ (on track 5)

Guest musicians:

Kristina Kokalj – violin
Gašper Povše – violin
Ema Kobal – cello
Andrej Tomazin – percussion (shaker, maracas, bongos, claps, chimes and wooden frog)

All songs recorded live at Gala Hala, Metelkova in april 2021. Additional recording was done in Kulturni dom Kamnik and various home studios from May 2021 to February 2022.

All songs written, arranged and performed by Haiku Garden with additional arrangement help from Vitja Balžalorsky. String arrangements (on track 8) by Luka Flegar. Track 9 was co-written with Štefan Cerjak.

Mixed by: Blaž Flerin, Klemen Tehovnik and Luka Flegar with additional help from Vitja Balžalorsky
Produced by: Haiku Garden
Co-produced by: Vitja Balžalorsky
Mastered by: Jernej Černalogar
Lyrics by Klemen Tehovnik and Luka Flegar

Design & cover art by Sven Sorić