H.P. ZINKER - Mountains OF Madness - DLP

35,84 €

Vinyl-Version des finalen H.P. Zinker Albums «Mountains Of Madness» 1994 became the last H.P. Zinker album "Mountains Of Madness" released on CD (Energy Records / Enemy Records). At a time when the record was already being talked about dead, it was completely abandoned. First edition. Great music. Unique artwork. Using the original graphic data, the design originally developed and implemented by Stefan Sagmeister for the CD version, with all its visual effects, was transferred to a double LP. Full-surface red semi-transparent banderole, jacket with 6mm spine, 12-page booklet in 300x300mm format. One record is pressed on green, the other on red vinyl in Styria at AUSTROVINYL. Both of course in the 180g version. Download code is included."