SPIRAL MIND – The Inbetweens - LP

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With their broad range of influences, SPIRAL MIND manufactured their second studio album, The Inbetweens.

Their newest effort is full of sophisticated instrumental building blocks that are then crafted together in beautiful contemplations about music and musical expression. Like their previous work, their music transpires through multiple genres therefore making it quite difficult to categorise and put them in a defined box. Their influences vary from jazz, progressive rock, underground electronic music, traditional African rhythms, trip-hop, and more.

If their first full length was a means to introspective music contemplation, this one serves as a much more extroverted development of danceable rhythmical experiments and the occasional instrumental confession. Seven tracks, that will grab you and suck you in like a wormhole, and as you tumble through atypical rhythmical structures, charismatic guitar grooves, dark and mean keyboard arpeggios and thunder-like sound synthesis, remember to keep an ear out for velvet details, because that’s where this group thrives.

Produced by Robi Bulešič and SPIRAL MIND
Recorded & engineered by Jure Gruden (A.K.A. Brada) and Staš Kramar @Radio Študent's studio
Mixed and Mastered by Robi Bulešič @ BearTracks Recording Studio
Artwork by Manuel Brajnik

Arranged and performed by SPIRAL MIND

Manuel Brajnik - Guitar, synths
Rok Babič - Bass, Synths
Gaj Bostič - Drums, percussion