PATERNOSTER - Paternoster - LP

21,90 €


Not each krautish album comes from a German band. Remember BRAINTICKET who in fact were Swiss with a Belgian mastermind? PATER NOSTER on the other hand who play an organ driven solemn progressive rock with a heavy edge come from Austria and really enlighten the heart of all fans of dark and often morbid rock music. It might be a good idea to overhear the pronunciation and the whole lyrics and take the vocals as another instrument adding some color to the whole picture. The voices are indeed quite charismatic and memorable. So are the compositions. The late 1960s psychedelic scene has surely made an impact on this band and the fuzzy lead guitar, creeping rhythms and wicked keyboards often create a climate of sheer dementia with the mournful voice of the singer on top. The record sounds as if the band was jamming in a giant church hall and therefore has a really gloomy mood. There are quite a few freak outs to be experienced along the way and in most cases they turn into some epic space trips that recall the greatest early TANGERINE DREAM and PINK FLOYD processions just with a funeral atmosphere. I may have never heard such a mournful album before which even sounds tragic when the lyrics center on the average working day of an average man. Well, this is some very special record indeed and will strike you deep inside.