PLAZMATICK - Maziš mi se / Cuddly, Cuddly - Deluxe Edition - DLP

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Plazmatick is an electronic music producer based in Zagreb, Croatia. Anyone who loves thoughtful, suggestive, and highly cinematic music will have a lot to enjoy. Plazmatick's music can be described in style as an endearing timeless combination of jazz, bass and drum, breaks, nomadic tribal mantras, trip-hop, dubstep, organic and electronic, ambient, and film music.

Plazmatick is not just music but a complex mix of theory, activism, urban tribes, zeros and ones, video projection, love and freedom. Maziš mi se / Cuddly, Cuddly is an imaginary soundtrack, an audio catharsis boldly thrown on the urban jungle asphalt, with its main engine of aural and life experiences, gathered during the last two years. This is a melting pot of various influences and cinematic audio highways.

Deluxe double vinyl edition of Maziš mi se / Cuddly, Cuddly includes Plazmatick's previous album Hrđava vremena / Rusty Times.

FFO: GoGo Penguin, Sophia Loizou, Rival Consoles, Clint Mansell, Dub Panda