V/A - Healing Sounds - Croatia Earthquakes Relief Project - pt. 1 - LP

19,91 €



The electronic scene has also gathered in an initiative to collect aid for the victims of earthquakes that have hit our country in the last year. At the initiative of Nenad Barić and Jan Kinčl as the initiators of the project, domestic producers gathered, enclosing their works for a compilation of the appropriate title: Healing Sounds - Croatia Earthquakes Relief Project. The compilation has been released in digital format and it will be available on vinyl in two parts. The first part of the vinyl release is expected during June 2021 and the second part of the vinyl release will be released after the summer, with new exclusive songs, which will subsequently be added to the digital edition of the compilation. Vinyl releases will also have an additional note of dedication and a farewell with the Sirup Club (2009-2016).

The compilation album contains mostly exclusive compositions, created exclusively for this occasion, and it currently contains (in alphabetical order): Andrea Ljekaj, Antonio Zuza, Disrupted Project, Egoless, Fabris Audio, Insolate, Ivan Komlinovic, Jan Kinčl & Regis Kattie, Kodin, Koolade, Le Chocolat Noir, Laseech, Microslav, Qwerty, PEZNT, Petar Dundov & Ilija Rudman, RFMN, Sergej Snooze, VRH, Zarkoff. 

The total revenue generated after the publication of the compilation will be paid into the account of the SOLIDARNA Foundation for assistance to earthquake victims in Sisak-Moslavina County.