WILD HONEY - Untamed - LP

165,00 kn


Where were we in 79 when the dam began to burst? Well, some of us were hanging out in the clubs to dance to smooth and sweet disco music with utterly cheerful melodies, slick and lush arrangements of brass and string sections over an ever pulsating rhythm section borrowing elements of funk and soul to create something new, fresh and exciting. And some of the disco acts that popped up like daisies on a lawn even hit the big time. Most of the acts on the other hand sank without a trace and only the real music lovers among those who danced through the nights remembered great bands and albums such as WILD HONEY. No wonder that their sole effort from 1979 is a rare diamond today and goes for more than 200 € among collectors of great black music if it ever turns up for sale. The very go–getting EVERLAND label from the Netherlands has filled the gap and did a reissue of the highest order. It is time to make this beauty available again since there is still a huge crowd out there craving enthralling black music. WILD HONEY consisted of talented musicians backing up the three singing queens. The playing is powerful and precise. Despite the slick and perfect production the music shows feeling and is vivid. You hear every single beat from the percussionists due to the crystal clear sound.