BALANS - Nima smisla - LP

26,00 €


A black plastic-y form of balans' newest record. The LP comes in a die-cut casing and a gatefold sleeve, making it a special opening experience every time.

In these 10 songs we find themes of existentialism, love and everyday life delivered to us in an updated, but still signature balans multi-genre fashion and sound. The sharp punchy drums mold with playful yet aggressive basslines to form minimalist surfaces through which siren-like vocals lure you underground, where their message, sometimes screaming into your ear and other times caressing it, echoes the deepest.

Their newest record seems more aggressive and clear-cut, however the band yet again successfully engraved the album with their typical outsider charisma. Therefore, like in previous works, the trio’s energy provides a very distinct as well as unparalleled bunkerpop/art-punk presence and feel.

kristin čona ⋅ vocals
andrej pervanje ⋅ bass
jan kmet ⋅ drums, synth, drum machine

all lyrics by kristin čona
recorded and mixed by jan bajc funa
mastered by mikey young
all tracks are recorded live with no additional overdubbing at layer house in january 2022

cover photos and booklet photos by mario zupanov
custom made outfits and styling by jan brovč
designed by primož zorko

written, performed and produced by balans
released by kapa records in may 2023
with support by City of Ljubljana

special thanks: kapa gang, layer house crew, funa, balansiaga fam, zorko, bunker, muska, dora, damjan, eros, families and all balans friends and fans