CVER - Feeling U, Feeling Me (Jan Kincl Versions) - 12"

85,00 kn

Alicia Keys' original is much loved beauty, and this remix by Jan Kinčl, a Zagreb-based producer known for his jazz-informed house project with Regis Kattie, was made just hours before a Berlin DJ gig.

Two months later, Jan and Delfonic, a Berlin staple coming from a more organic and soulful side of the city, were in Montenegro on a shuttle from the airport to Southern Soul festival. Eddy Ramich, a mutual friend who's been playing Jan's demo was on the same bus and played it to Delfonic. Before making it through one full listen, Delfonic said this should be released and suggested to make his own remix.

What they ended up with is a 12" with three versions, three attempts to flip the original's beatless soul and bend it into shapes of deep house and Miami bass.


Alex Attias (SWI) - "Fonkay!"
Alex Barck - Jazzanova (GER) - "Lovely as we all know."
Andrew Red Hand (ROM) - "Really nice that Delfonic Remix! Thanks!"
Auntie Flo (UK) - "Nice work."
Cottam (UK) - "Hard to pick a fav, love both versions.... Very very impressive."
Groove Mag Germany's "Records Of The Week" on Jan 9th 2020
John Osborn (GER) - "Dope house cuts!"
Lay-Far (RUS) - "Nice one!"
Llorca / Art Of Tones (FRA) - "Brilliant! Thanx for the promo!"
Robert Owens (USA) - "Nice tracks."
Roberto Q. Ingram (GER) - "Thanks for the Deep House vibes, looking forward to more of your art."
SoulParlor (GER) - "Great flip."
SoulPhiction (GER) - "Reminds me of a very popular classic ;)"
Tina Edwards (UK) - "Lucious!"