HECKSPOILER - Synthetik Athletik - LP

150,00 kn


"Rear spoilers are the friends you do not want to invite your parents to Christmas dinner! Would be kind of weird, and weird, in all its conceptual duality is the program, not only with Noise Appeal Records but also with our latest label signing. Welcome rear spoiler. Could here you now begin to separate the usual fart from press text, does not work in this case. For reasons. For everyone who has seen the rear spoiler live, NOTHING needs to be explained. Everyone who knows the rear spoiler knows that the natural limitation of language also does Define the boundaries of what can be described. Therefore different. How is it? What is it about? Bass, drums, Gush! What all this has to mean is more or less difficult to explain: Delete the cliché you have of duos in your head, forget dialect music and German Texts, say goodbye to your Top 10. Everything is gone! Play on the deleted record »Synthetic Athletics« and start over e get more refreshing, pure, and above all more honest song material than the piece of music delivered by Kim Tom Gun and Zlatko San. "Voda im Hümmi, deliver me!" Do you hear the jogging pants dance? Music is not celebrated here for its own sake.