KALEB STEWART - Tropical Depression - LP

115,00 kn


With Tropical Depression Kaleb Stewart has succeeded in creating a singer-songwriter album for the hardcore kids of the 90s. The memories are present and yet, the world has turned on, there is fire everywhere. Reasons that brought you to found a band earlier and to shout your displeasure into the world are many times more present today and yet the rebellion stagnates in paradise. And with her art. Lethargy spreads and spreads into depression. And this is exactly where "Tropical Depression" comes in. The album is about so much more than the glorification of the early years, it is about reflecting on the current situation, about articulations, about the desire to change and at the same time remain in the golden cage. Kaleb's means of musical description is pop. One aspect of this is that the door of the cage is wide open and it is still not crossed. The fact that the lyrics should encourage people to think about it and perhaps dare to step out of the way is another aspect and this could be called punk again at the end of the story. But maybe that's no longer important because the world has turned on.