TERESA BANKS - Nobody's Coming to the Rescue - LP

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Teresa Banks is a Finnish / Spanish / Italian skatepunk band from Helsinki that started in December 2016 after a Millencolin concert in Tavastia (Helsinki).

Mika and Alvaro had been playing together in a band (Lifeline Lost) for over 4 years but were ready to move on to another project. The night of the Millencolin gig, they bumped into Jussi, whom they had met over the years playing gigs with his previous band, Lowlife Hero. Jussi had moved a year ago to Helsinki and proposed to Mika and Alvaro to start some new projects together. A couple of weeks later, the three of them were in their rehearsing place starting to make new songs. During that first year in Helsinki, Jussi had been playing with Juha in another band and invited him to join the new project.  The band now just needed a singer.

In October 2014, Alvaro met Riky at a house party and they started talking about their common interest: punk rock music. Riky mentioned he had sung in a punk band (Scarecrows Riot) in Italy and sent Alvaro a link to one of their songs on YouTube. Alvaro saved that email at the bottom of his inbox “just in case”. Two years later he rescued that email and played the YouTube clip to Jussi, Mika, and Juha.  They invited Riky to try out and without hesitation, he started to sing over what later would be ‘It’s Not Over’ and ‘Memories’. The decision was easy to make and Teresa Banks was born.

The first full band rehearsal was in March 2017 and the band accepted to play their first two shows in May of that same year. Those were two intensive months of rehearsing but the band manages to pull out a setlist and play their first concert on the 4th of May 2017 together with Wedgie, Sturdy and Custody. 

2017 had a final surprise for the band when their friend Pekka (One Hidden Frame) asked the band to play with OHF and ADHESIVE in their comeback tour in favor of Doctors Without Borders. Opening the night at a sold-out Lepakkomies will always be a special concert for Teresa Banks.      

Their debut self-titled EP came out in January 2018 and was released by Fast Decade Records. Six and a half songs that they recorded and mixed themselves in their rehearsing place and that was followed by the release of a music video for their song “Memories”. During that year, they played all around Finland and got to play their first concerts in Denmark, where they got to play the legendary “Punks Undead” in Copenhagen and discovered the must-visit-city of Randers. 

In January 2019, they released their second EP titled “Bridges We Build | Bridges We Burn” (Fast Decade Records) that they recorded again in their rehearsal place and was mixed by Juho Rinne. They filmed a music video for the second track on the EP called “You’re the Problem”.  The year 2019 also saw Teresa Banks’ first UK tour, playing in Rebellion Fest in Blackpool and opening for Cigar in London.  

Like the rest of the world, Teresa Bank’s plans for 2020 came to a halt in March due to the Covid crisis. This gave a chance for the band to concentrate on the recording of their first LP titled “Nobody’s Coming To The Rescue” which came out in autumn of 2020.