TRUE SONS OF THUNDER - It Was Then That I Was Carrying You - LP

180,00 kn


Total Punk is proud to be releasing the third LP by shed dwellers TRUE SONS OF THUNDER. Featuring members of Manateees, Oblivians, Mangina, Rat Traps...TSOT has turned not caring into an art form and even unknowingly submitted a track from their second LP for inclusion on this one. Sour tunes for sour times. Lurching low end, two guitars and a banjitar that make a cacophonous symphony which can only be described as amp torture. Southern RAWK in a concrete mixer. Dad rock for deadbeats! This was the record Total Punk was made to put out and it only took us 8 years to get here. Loud, broken, out of tune, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!!!!