ŽEN - I onda je sve počelo - LP

105,00 kn


ŽEN debut album (2013) released on 12" vinyl to celebrate band's 10 years anniversary.

Žen connects female energy, a variety of chocolate bars, beer bottle caps, sounds from nature, hot ketchup, and multicolored flowers and creates a doughey mass that creeps into instruments and exits through amplifiers and speakers.

released May 11, 2020

Produced by Eva Badanjak, Sara Ercegović and Hrvoje Nikšić
Recorded by Hrvoje Nikšić assisted by Neven Marinac
At Kramasonik studio, Zagreb.
Mixed by Hrvoje Nikšić and Luka Grubišić Čabo (04, 05, 08)
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago

2020 Reissue released by Moonlee Records, Vox Project, Unrecords and ŽEN.
1st release: 2013 - Unrecords