Nula and reissue of 'Pobjedimo laž' album, crowdfunding campaign launch on November 1st

''There are two possible conclusions: either Nula was not a punk band at all, or they were the biggest punk band in existence. Or maybe one doesn't rule out the other.'' (Marko Podrug, from the preface of the reissue)

The cult hardcore punk band Nula from Šibenik recorded a second demo material in late 1993. that was released as an album on an audiotape early next year, called 'Pobjedimo laž'. Recorded live in the basement of the family tavern, which in those war days also served as a shelter, on equipment of questionable origin and quality. The first release was published alongside the 6th issue of Glans Penissis fanzine, and in the 1997 reissue for the independent label Humanita Nova. The album has also been licensed in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Japan, and traversed the dormant channels of the DIY scene before the time of computers and the internet.

In 30 songs and over 70 minutes, 'Pobjedimo laž' is an anthological realization of the early phase of the domestic underground, recorded literally 'underground', with uncompromising anti-war and anti-establishment messages, all presented with the accumulated frustration of a generation who felt that their best years are in jeopardy. The recordings, which were transferred from the master cassette and digitized for the first time, represent the band at the peak of creative power, when at the same time it significantly contributed to connecting the independent scene and creating space for it to operate in a war-torn country.

Exactly 25 years from the first physical release the time has come for the album to get its vinyl and CD format, with accompanying digital formats.

From November 1st until December 1st, 2019 an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign will take place for all those who wish to support the funding of this initiative. The reissue will also include an original booklet with lyrics and illustrations.


  NULA 1993. --> 2019.

Frua - vokal
Mitre - vokal
Roša - gitara
Jorde - bas gitara
Vedran - bubnjevi