LOS PIRANAS - Historia Natural - LP

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A Bogotá based instrumental supergroup feat. members of Meridian Brothers, Frente Cumbiero & Romperayo fuses the experimental possibilities of South American rhythms & sonics (cumbia, tropicalia & more) with Avant psych-rock, dub minimalism & spiked jazz. 

The three members of Los Pirañas can all remember when they were in high school together in Bogotá, Colombia and just beginning to play music. Back then, the joy of a riff, the heavy beat and a ripple of guitar noise were all they needed to make life worthwhile. Twenty-five years on and they’ve become internationally well-known musicians, spread across different bands, traversing multiple continents. But together as Los Pirañas they’re about to release Historia Natural, their third album, recapturing the spirit that moved them as teenagers. Yet it’s a record that’s anything but basic. That youthful desire has been filtered through the prism of knowledge and time. Now it’s fuelled by a wily sophistication in the sound and a deep, ingrained understanding of the rhythms that power their homeland. It’s innocence plus experience. Although they’d played music together when young, Los Pirañas only came into being as a band 10 years ago. It gave them the chance to explore the complex vitality of Colombian rhythms mixed with Alvarez’s unique blend of computer and guitar. A combination of past and future, and a power trio unlike any other. A swirling, electric universe of music, created right in their own neighborhood. That’s the real Historia Natural of Los Pirañas.