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Poland's hotly-tipped experimental rock ensemble delivers a potent, galvanizing fifth album. 

"Trupa Trupa is an art-rock band from Gdansk. Fusing elements of post-hardcore, no wave, and psychedelia, the four-piece exude restless energy that bears the hallmarks of Fugazi’s uncompromising punk ethos. Fronted by the poet Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, the band weaves absurd lyrics through liquifying guitar riffs, angular bass lines, and concise percussion." -- The WIRE 

Almost every song on Of The Sun - the magnetic fifth album from the Polish quartet Trupa Trupa — lands like an anthem, with barbed hooks driven by an italicized rhythm section and a chimera of crisscrossing harmonies. Throughout its propulsive 12-song sequence, this is an album that never lets up. From the relentlessly pulsing “Long Time Ago” to the deep glisten of “Longing,” Of The Sun is an unbroken string of hits in Trupa Trupa’s idiosyncratic, self-made universe. But just beneath the surface of these often bright and always indelible songs, there is a world teeming with nihilistic considerations, slyly dark humor, and survivalist self-assurance - all subtly nestled into bold refrains and reflected back via complex, secret textures. It is a portrait of great effort and pathetic failure, of strain sublimating into nothing. There are echoes of Beckett, hints of Syd Barrett, and the knotty complications of Wire. Complex emotions ripple through Of The Sun, a radiant album about the damnation of mortality.