'Sands' - second single and video from the album 'Cuddly, Cuddly'

Let's embark on another visual journey through the Plazmatick's horizons! 'Sands' is a new video and also the second single taken from the album 'Cuddly, Cuddly'.

There is concern in man. Voices. Occurrences. Colors. Through Human events come and go in great motion; the drone appears like a bell ringing. The man is constantly restless. Somewhere deep inside us there is a picture, buried, sunk like a silver-plated icon in a well. This picture is as serene as the morning twilight at sea when everything is gray and nothing but the gurgling of water is heard, here and there. This is a time of silence when one wants to get rid of anxiety and immerse oneself in silence. - Miroslav Krleža