Plazmatick's new album 'Cuddly, Cuddly' is out

Electronics for your home. This is the first and simplest recommendation with the album "Cuddly, Cuddly" which was revived by the reawakened Plazmatick only a few weeks after the release of the comeback longplay "Rusty Times". In his latest release, there is more than enough party material brought to the fore with the introductory "Sand", the technoid crane "Neonpunk" and the announcing single "Picnic", but this is only the first quarter of the album boldly spread over 80 minutes. Below, the ambient background, tailor-made for a well-sounded living room, is slowly revealed.

Ilko Čulić

Less than two months after the release of the comeback album Rusty Times, Plazmatick has released his new LP titled Cuddly, Cuddly. The material was officially released on November 13, 2020. and comes in two vinyl versions as well as digital. Standard and as a deluxe double vinyl edition. The deluxe version also contains the recently released work Rusty Times, while the standard version contains only the album Cuddly, Cuddly.

The album Cuddly, Cuddly se is an imaginary soundtrack, an audio catharsis bravely thrown on the asphalt of the urban jungle, with the main engine of sound and life experiences, collected in the last two years. This is the intersection of various influences and cinematic audio highways.


photo: Ivan Buvinić



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