BLACK CHILDREN SLEDGE FUNK CO. BAND - Vol. 3 - Aviation Grand Father - LP

11,95 €

* A bunch of Nigerians going wild on their third and last album
* For fans of Funk Inc, Funkadelic, Akwassa, Mixed Grill, Osibisa, Geraldo Pino
* Filled to the last groove with catchy and captivating afro-funk anthems
* Wicke space synthesizers all over the album
* Excellent sound and performance by high-class professional musicians
* First ever official rerelease on vinyl and CD
* Fully licensed
* Remastered audio
* LP housed in a superheavy 430g art carton cover
* Ultimate collector's item for fans of 1970s afro-funk from Nigeria

In mid-seventies Nigeria, everybody loved the Black Children Sledge Funk Co. Band. Blasting out of the bustling river port of Onitsha, their infectious, feel-good grooves were the perfect antidote to the dark economic clouds gathering over the country. Nigerians, young and old, lapped it up. Every member of the band had played with The Strangers. Michael Hammedatha Moore sang and wrote the songs. Daniel Carlos Yakubu played guitar. Jerry Freeman Nwokolo was on keyboards. And Benson Teteh played the drums.  As a gimmick, everyone in the band changed their last name to Black. They didn't need to. Their music ­– a sunny African blend of jazz, R'n'B, rock, and funk – was extraordinary enough. 'Boogie Saturday' is a Kool & The Gang-style celebration, guaranteed to get even the most reluctant dancer up on the floor. 'In Search Of Yesterday', 'The Eye That Can't See' and 'Working Together' brings the meaning to the groove, before an instrumental provides a suitably sweaty finale. Ask any Nigerian and they'll tell you: Vol. 3 Aviation Grand Father is a party on a platter. Put it on and get yours started. - Peter Moore