New vinyl compilation Deep End! - Chapter 2 is out!

Slovenia's bespoke Dubstep collective forges ahead and takes the reigns for its third heavyweight vinyl release.  Wreaking musical havoc with vital support by key scene figures, the fiercely talented crew of like-minded individuals now untethers the next physical chapter in their low-frequency saga with unbridled might. Living and breathing sound system culture, the DeepEnd! massive once again follows through with four prime cuts, designed to get people moving and heads rolling.

Glitterbeat presents: Bantou Mentale - Bantou Mentale

A dark, thundering Kinshasa meets Paris soundworld. Ecstatic vocals, broken beats, subterranean bass, and full-throttle energy. Features ex-members of Konono No.1, Mbongwana Star & Staff Benda Bilili. Produced by Doctor L (Tony Allen, Mbongwana Star).

Knife-edged afro rock. Hot-wired global beats.

ESC Life's new video 'Born to Be Mild'

Under the direction of mysterious giallo enthusiast Darijo Detergento, a new video for ESC Life's title track 'Born to be Mild' off their recent second full-length has been released. In line with the cheerful song of the indie-punk quartet, this video combines lo-fi aesthetics with the ambitious mounting of the record short time and shots in unexpected directions. Any resemblance to the legacy of Troma Entertainment production is intentional.

Tire Calligraphy brand in PDV

Tire Calligraphy kao termin, osmišljen je kao ideja koja podsjeća na tragove guma koji nastaju kočenjem kada se vozi fixed gear. Cijeli termin tada je bio i još uvijek je, Tire Calligraphy, Mallet & Ball - što označava razvoj njihovih interesa, vožnje fixed gear bajkova i igranja bike pola.